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An interesting and thrilling experience! After years of passionate work in the field of visual arts, in building and painting - I "reinvented music" as a personal way of expression. There have been earlier years, when I was twentyfive ...some band experiences, but things sloped down. With the gallery years and focussing on Makunaima I never lost my love for music, but the guitar came back finally with my daughters.

While Makunaima has grown into shape, and plenty of my companions are Musicians... I took myself back to 'action'. More and more we need to entertain. So nowadays we as a group are more into music, and happy to extend our possibilities here, too.

This page is an open field, and fruitition is not the time, when seeding out just happened. But there are good sounds going on ...
Check out some of our "stagings" ... and the musicians, that might show up here.

I want to point out Gabriel Beltrame and his Band FEIERABEND - a Latin Cumbia formation in the first line here ...they are really fun!
Check out their concerts and do not miss the chance to dance!

Some examples of our music (see more links at the bootom)


raw on stage Gabriel Beltrame
Electric guitar and soundloops - that's Rainer's actual profile - his performances see here A great musician - Gabriel Beltrame - do not miss his Band Feierabend - a funky Latin Cumbia Formation ... Beautifying! During our parties we try to touch the magic spirit of the ancestors ...

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