"The time you invest in something defines your love for it ..."
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Rainer Warzecha - Vita

I was painting and constructing a lot as a child - getting good feedback on those creations. Up to the age of 17 I had already done huge oil paintings. My first art prize was to win a book on painting - and I continued with great application. One of my first "big loves" (in the sense of respected authority figures) was my art teacher at that time.

Also during school times I did my first magazin graphics and wrote articles, my political interest was growing fast now. Still today my 'picture of the world' is mostly a background of my artistic works - and I hope, that search for truth, improvising of living conditions, and harmonising the environment is still on my agenda.

After' highschool I went to Berlin and joined the subculture, living 3 years in a cultural centre, called 'KuKuCK', where I experimented a lot in art-projects with musicians, painters and political or ecological oriented artists. I didn't finish my political science degree now, but cared more about living art processes in those days. During the first period of a massive public appearance I did quite a famous mural, worked artisticly on bill-board advertising, painted and made music. This era ended aprupt. We had to give up the dream of a big cultural centre - but, as a cultural peer group, "KuKucKs" set in motion a lot in Kreuzberg, and opend up the legendary "SO36" concert hall again.

I began to work with clay and natural materials from the beginning ninetees on, creating huge sculptures made from earth, big wall paintings, murals and learned a lot on my Macintosh computers. Located in INTERGLOTZ gallery at Berlins Oranienstraße, I tried to focus on art networking and did about 40 exhibitions there. In May 1998 - after seven interesting years - I gave up the gallery, ending an era tuned into the frequency of the Kreuzberg-hood. I started to travel with my art projects over Europe and got a bigger perspective towards everything.

Today I'm a father of two beautiful children. The work in nature means a lot to me, and I specially enjoy the time, when my bare feet touch earthen grounds. Beyond summer times -mostly working outdoors - I try to touch colour and sound ...
Painting and Photography always along with these activities in nature. An adventure - already undertaken in the 80th, now refreshed - is MUSIC . Hey, I'm on the electric guitar again! Watch out my sounding results!

The biography page says more ...

My Specification ...

In self-built ensembles of village-like structures we interact with children of all ages, playing and building with earth and serving a magical kind of service toward cultural heritage. Our annual earth-construction-workshop Makunaima, open to anyone - lasts six weeks during summer school holidays and has continued since 1990. See Makunaima at Britzer Garden in Berlin!

With colour I did a lot. The number of murals and graffiti projects - realized up to 2015 - is large. See the murals topic ...
Nowadays me as an artist, who spends quite 'a time' with family - canvases are a good choice!
Music is where we are not only at home, also at work - see and listen, what we do!
Quite rewarded is my work on fotography - I always went into documentary stuff. Google Maps/ Google Earth holds some hundreds of my photographs on cities and landscapes.

Interglotz Art and eARThworks - International

Over the years I got to travel! Buildings on site, community projecs, art installation and international conferences, a lot of partners gave a call! If you need a speaker or me and team on location, let me know ... I am ready to rock!
And there are workshops, besides Makunaima. Get the news!

kanmgoroo towers
Sculpting with Earth - the artificial work with earth is a credo - involving children is a must! Theory? Read more Earthen elements - when structures are built, they get decoration - a magic touch. Joyful beautifying. I'm not alone - there is a great team of coworkers and freelancers. See the team page for a closer look ...!

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