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Rainer Warzecha, Interglotz - Artnetwork - AGENDA | 2018 Tourlist


• Konferenz Baobaby "Natural Homes" in Prag 2018, - Direktlink zu den Präsentationen

• April and June - Clayvillage, Services in Britzer Garten

• Kunstnacht in Selb - Elektronik-Musikprojekt RaW und Performance am 21.4. ab 20:30 im Porzellanikon, Selb (aspected)

• Naturerlebnistage in Selb, 23./24.6. "Bau einer Lehmskulptur" mit Familien und Kindern ( aspected)

• MAKUNAIMA - vom 7.7. bis 19.8. im Britzer Garten (see more below)

• Project with Secondary School Heinrich Steinhöwel in Weil der Stadt / Farben für's Schulklima ( aspected in May )

Lokaler Aktionsplan WdS - Mural with Refugees, "Reuse, Reduce, Recycle" - aspected September 2018



Summer 2018 - OUTDOOR

Britzer Garden/ Makunaima 7.7. to 19.08. 2018 - daily Tue - Fr 10-17 hours, Weekends 13 - 18 hours

Building and playing with earth and natural building materials ... 6 weeks open workshop for children and adults in Berlins most beautiful park Britzer Garden. Playful artwork with different techniques and materials in the special environment of the Lehmdorf and the local sculptures, objects and game situations. We focus on natural building. Parttaking of children welcome all 5 weeks! Work equipment like colors, woods and panels are largely prepared.

A special service on weekends - also free music stage opportunity on Saturdays.
On Sundays: COLOUR days - you can participate and create!

‘Makunaima’has become an organism, that can call itself a ‘clay village’. Like the history of human architecture, it began with caves of mud, like the “primitive” but already elaborate African clay hut. Medieval, Mayan, and Indian styles also provided inspiration, as did big minds like Antonio Gaudi. What makes the buildings singular is the visible touch of hand, and the experience of earthen buildings of a style, not known in the usual urban world.

What we appreciate most is the quality of live that you gain by working in the nature. Learning from each other and giving our next generations the chance to have positive work experiences, as well as the acting out of creative and physical activities is a basic value, an attitude that seems sometimes forgotten in the modern world..
You can meet us there and share our work!

Entry: Free and without preliminations, only entrance fees for the park to be delivered!
See our documentary (2014) - in high resolution


Interglotz Art and eARThworks - International

Over the years we got to travel! Buildings on site, community projecs and international conferences, a lot of partners - mostly on playground- or earthbuilding issues gave a call! If you need a speaker or a team on location, let us know ... we are still ready to rock!
And there are workshops, besides Makunaima. Get the news! Please come back ...

kanmgoroo towers minisculpture
Sculpting with Earth - the artificial work with earth is a credo - involving children is a must! Theory? Read more Earthen elements - when structures are built, they get decoration - a magic touch. Joyful beautifying. Tiny sculptures made of clay - any child can touch the ground and build its ART.
Welcome to practise!

External Links & Downloads

• Questions & and answers
concerning Makunaima
• Makunaima auf den Seiten der Grün Berlin
• Workshop Holzbildhauerei 2018

Woodcarving - Workshop 29.9 - 30.9.2018

Rainer Warzecha and his team as well as friends have created a series of nice wooden sculptures in the park as a part of the earthen labyrinth.This autumn serves an opportunity to take part in a 3 days workshop, to learn to carve and develop competent woodcarving skills. You can benefit from a perfect surrounding and our experience in carving and creating a genuine space of art.
You'll learn from sharpening to lettering; from ways of holding and carving with your tools to ornamental carving, matching a big or small size of wood. Designed for students who wish to get started in wood carving, this practical weekend course will assist you in the control and use of chisels and find a form/expression alongside simple tasks.

English-speaking parttaking is possible!
If you like to take part, send an e-mail and get more informations!

WORKSHOP FEES - 123 € per Person, accomodation up to your care- food( from clay ofen) for parttaking members
Download Flyer (German language)