"The time you invest in something defines your love for it ..."
Rainer Warzecha | Interglotz-Artnetwork

Rainer Warzecha & Interglotz Artnetwork - Team

Achieving large results - there is always a strong team behind ...

Me and my colleagues sculpt with earth and organize projects for children and adults in building up artistic, nature-based playgrounds. This work is mostly located in public spaces, in parks, schools or related to institutions working with children and education. Bigger building projects - as you can meet them all here - are mainly based on teamwork and network.

The regular "forces" behind Makunaima are Bernhard Staude and his sons Arthur and Ferdi, Gabriel Beltrame, Che Marco Chiavassa, Gilse Garcia - from Argentina and Brasil, Silke Götsch, Tamanna Amrehn, Anna Gruber-Schmälzle, Corinna Warzecha, Tom Meyer, Asigora Schweikert, Johanna Kleuvers, Jakob and Anton Bode - both raised on the playground ...

If you want to share our team during summer 2016 - as a student or supporting hand - don't hesitate to contact us if you like to volunteer...

The Artnetwork

As the gallery years formed out a first group of related artists, I tried to keep that ties together for a period of time. Beyond that start off in Oranienstraße, where Interglotz was located, Makunaima was the chance, to work with a larger group.

Always on my side in the first period - except the above mentioned there have been Heike Fischer, I.V.A.N, Leka Dukagjini, Martin Koch, Fred Prost, Pierre Windisch and Joachim Schmalz(†). All these artists, teachers, craftsmen and peadagogues have been involved in the larger buildings, too. Big thanks!

In the years from 2012 on a new Crew is formed: We got a shot of "latin-american" influence - with Gabriel , Gilse and Che Marco. Some young trainees assist the elderly now ...

gabriel Marco Chiavassa
Assistant artists and internship - Emily Moore is working with me in 2017 Gabriel Beltrame - Musician and genious is a partner since he met the team in 2011 "Che" Marco Chiavassa - Designer and creator - a partner since 2014

Interglotz Art and eARThworks - International

Over the years we got to travel! Buildings on site, community projecs and international conferences, a lot of partners - mostly on playground- or earthbuilding issues gave a call! If you need a speaker or US as a team on location, let us know ... we are still ready to rock!
Working in any english-speaking countries is common to me/us. Get the news!

Heartly Thanks

Each year a lot of friends, coming from all over Germany are helping, spending a summer in Berlins nicest park area, Britzer Garten.
I thank all the guys and girls, helping us with huge projects during the last years. I want to point out all the volunteers - Ilma, Ute, Julie, Silke, Elke, Antje, Petra, Wiete, Andrea, Joachim†, Elka, Conny, Anna, Katja, Anke, Miriam, Mimi, Johanna and Mickael ... Thanks to them, too!


•Special thanks to our main sponsor - Claytec with a huge amount of donated bricks!
•Our Metal specialist : Gobi from Stabil Berlin - always a good choice! Knocking on wood - Thanks to I.V.A.N!
•Wieslaw Sadurski - spirit and master, and German Schlaug in WUN.
•Thanks to all the musicians at Makunaima!