"The time you invest in something defines your love for it ..."
Rainer Warzecha | Interglotz-Artnetwork

Rainer Warzecha & Interglotz Artnetwork - Team

Achieving large results - there is always a strong team behind ...

Me and my colleagues sculpt with earth and organize projects for children and adults in building up artistic, nature-based playgrounds. This work is mostly located in public spaces, in parks, schools or related to institutions working with children and education. Bigger building projects - as you can meet them all here - are mainly based on teamwork and network.

2018 ---- NO TEAM SITUATION --------


Interglotz Art and eARThworks - International

Over the years we got to travel! Buildings on site, community projecs and international conferences, a lot of partners - mostly on playground- or earthbuilding issues gave a call! If you need a speaker or US as a team on location, let us know ... we are still ready to rock!
Working in any english-speaking countries is common to me/us. Get the news!

Heartly Thanks

Each year a lot of friends, coming from all over Germany are helping, spending a summer in Berlins nicest park area, Britzer Garten.
I thank all the guys and girls, helping us with huge projects during the last years.