"Not working to be wealthy though, we work to live a better life..."
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Welcome! Here you get an idea, how full my years of art have been. And they still are adventureous. I tried to set up chapters like the decades, that sketch out the larger steps of my development.

Next steps ahead:

Keeping "Makunaima" - the clayvillage alive ...
Helping to keep peace and fight for democracy
Helping to protect nature
All by means of art...

Actual Projects - see here!


Family years - the Earth and the Colour and the Sound...

Today I'm a father of two beautiful children. The work in nature still means a lot to me, and I specially enjoy the time, when my bare feet touch earthen grounds. Beyond summer times I try to touch colour and sound ...
Painting and Photography always along with these activities in nature. An adventure - already undertaken in the 80th, now refreshed - is MUSIC . Now I'm on the electric guitar again! Watch out my sounding results!

On my own behalf I reinvest time in exhibition projects, and parttaking in community art.

Actual works are continued: Annual workshop Makunaima during the Berlin summer season (2011-2016)
See our Makunaima documentary from 2014 - in high resolution
Cooperation with schools in Baden Wurtemberg (Heinrich-Steinhöwel-Schule, Wds 2009-2016)

With colour we do a lot. Painting of the '0ne World Playground' in Britzer Garden - based on a donation of the German Childrens Aid Foundation we've painted a 500 square meter wide areal ... the work has been joined by a class of pupils of the C. Sonnenschein Primary-School, Tempelhof in the years 2006 and 2014.

Some more projects are done in building: We offer ovens, pavillons and framework-constructions. Berlins "Grün Berlin" and "Grün macht Schule" are actual partners.

millenium years

Interglotz Art and eARThworks - building of the clayvillage, International appearances

Taking part in international workshops and conferences on earthen architecture and playgrounds at Neumünster, Torquay, Berlin und Cagliari - MEDITERRA 2009, participating in Terra 2000 - international convent on earthbuilding at Torqauy / U.K. and Terra Cruda 2000 at Cagliari , building of an earth sculpture at Quartu/Sardinia
European eARTh tour - parttaking in the first ecological building expo BO01 at Malmø 2001, construction of a portal on a ecological playground. Oven buildings at Roma and Bressanone. Building of Lucertola mosaic sculpture at Bozen (Italy), Tartaruga at Cagliari

Makunaima - 6 week open-air workshop on earth building (for children) at the Britzer Garten, Berlin.
Natural playground project at St.Josephs Kinder- und Jugendhilfezentrum, Wunsiedel - building of a clay hut, tower, willow stage and mosaic sculpture (2000-2003). Further earthen sculptures and pavilions at Cottbus, Bielefeld (2004) and at several cities of Baden - Wurtemberg.

Continued work in playgrounds and in cooperation with schools and cities in Baden Wurttemberg and Berlin
Big Mural at Wunsiedel (2004), Continuing building The earthen labyrinth in Berlins Britzer Garden (2004-2010)

Big works at Britzer Garden: earthen labyrinth 2004-2006, Shadow Pavillon (2007) and Mosaic Elefants (2008)
Participating in Kiko Denzers book "Dig your hands in the dirt!"

Teaching at a secondary school in Kreuzberg: Arts and graphics, computer-based Animation, Photoshop

Graphic and media works:

•Trainer in Photoshop and media at Berlins secondary Ferdinand-Freiligrath-School
•Mural painting projects in Wunsiedel 2004 further graphic works and web-design
•Paintings and continued photographic projects - built up of PANORAMIO pages
•Complete design for "Modern Earthbuilding" - International conference in Berlin

DVD The earthen labyrinth - 35 min DV plus bonus 60 picts in 2005-2006
DVD Shadowpavilion - 35 min DV plus3 slideshows in 2008
DVD Elefants - 40 min DV plus slideshows and presentation in 2009


Interglotz and SO 36 - in the Kreuzberg Hood

1990 - Reopening of the cultural-center and concert hall SO 36 , taking over INTERGLOTZ gallery, a visionary studio for visual solutions, Oranienstraße 188, Berlin. First individual exhibitions, Fall of the Wall, Zwischenzeit and POLAROID-UFOS at INTERGLOTZ
Taking part in the Mutoid Waste sculptural show, in Paris. Setting up of Makunaima project - playing and building with earth at Britzer Garten, Berlin in collaboration with C. Böhm, PLATZMOBIL

1991 - Kinetic and decorative objects for SOX disco in Kreuzberg. First PLATZMOBIL video productions : "Marks Begegnung mit den Alphanauten", "Die Spiegelbande" with local children. First individual exhibitions at INTERGLOTZ gallery

1992 - "To Stay Here is my Right", taking part in the anti-racist art project; graffiti mural with turkish teenagers at Fichtebunker, Berlin Peacefighter , for MUTOID WASTE - scrap-sculpture show at the Reichstag area, Berlin
Taking part in the "International Messe Herbst" at Frankfurt with kinetic sculptures
Authorship of documentation MAKUANAIMA, Bauen und Spielen mit Lehm, Stroh, Feuer und Wasser / open-air-workshop on earth building (for children) at the Britzer Garten, in Berlin

1993 - Ground painting Weltenplatz 400 qm, for Britzer Garten, Berlin
Huge mosaic works at the environmental station Alpha II, Marzahn
Hilde Richter Preis (Platzmobil) für Spielraumgestaltung for clay playgrounds in Berlin
HipHop-project "We All Are One" with "To Stay Here Is My Right Posse" ; participation in graffiti-workshops, exhibitions and stage events
Mete Eksi-Award for peaceful integration of German and foreign youngsters in project "We All Are One" and for taking part in "MAPP '95"

1994 - Group-exhibition "Street 94" of the "To Stay Here Is My Right", at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Kreuzberg with POLAROID UFOS, and object Radio Totem.
Artistic director of the graffiti-exhibition "Spray City", at Galerie am Pariser Platz, Berlin, X´94, young art & culture in Berlin.
Exhibition "Der fliegende Koffer" at Haus der Kulturen der Welt - constructing a typical African clay settlement.
Taking part in "Lehm 94", at Aachen with slide show Makunaima
Further individual exhibitions at INTERGLOTZ gallery

1996 - Building an earthen sculpture for Berlins Grüne Woche, several individual exhibitions at Interglotz-gallery, Berlin.
Graffiti mural at the CHIP (youth and cultural center). Part taking in "Lehm 96" at Meran and a further international conference on earth building at Cagliari (Sardegna), continuous work on my book on playing and building with earth
Individual photo-exhibition "Natur & Mystic" im Interglotz, Berlin, a total of 30 exhibitions with local artists

1997 - Individual exhibition Lehm! Bau-Spiel-Kunst at the Orangerie, Britzer Garten, Berlin - taking part in regional workshops and conferences on earthen architecture and playgrounds. earthworks at Bozen, Oldenburg and Viersen with local children and pupils
Bookrealease "Bauen und Spielen mit Lehm" - Participation in the building of Schliemann-Schule schoolyard with an earthen oven

1998 - Lehmprojekt in Weil der Stadt , Buildings at Torquai, GB, Naples - with TSIMR - Posse Dr. Motte and Gió Di Sera

1999 - Participation in workshops and conferences on earthen architecture and playgrounds in Kiel und Görlitz, taking part in VKE - Citta dei Ragazzi at Bozen. Mural project with 300 kids at the Pestalozzischule in Bozen (Italy)

1999 Further earthworks at Wunsiedel and Cottbus.
Beginning art lessons at the Freiligrath-Schule
graffiti, murals for Romy Haag and Martin Buchholz at Tränenpalast-Berlin

achziger Jahre

The Eighties - Berlin Revolution years

1980 - Coming to Berlin, Academic studies (Social Sciences) at FU-Berlin

1981-1984 -  The KuKuCK-Academy - experiences and studies 1981-84 - Working and living in the famous squat Kunst und Kultur Zentrum Kreuzberg - KUKUCK - autodidactic studies and practical works in painting and land art, exhibition projects. Taking part in the organisation and documentation of the cultural events at KuKuCK
1982 - Big mural of the KuKuCK-Fassaden, Anhalter Str. 7, Berlin. Taking part in exhibitions and art projects under the pseudonym "Rainer Wahnsinn" - Installation and land art in context of Roto-Free-Space Berlin - works on billboards. Participation in Steirischer Herbst at Graz, with Street art on billboards, colors on photocopies, Polaroid photographs
1984 - Collective exhibition KUKUCK in the Akademie der Künste, Berlin- Performance KuKUCK - Cage in cooperation with HDK, Berlin.
Performance for exhibition project Schöne neue Welt, Berlin - Participation in "Die Anweisung" - Street art on billboards, expulsion and loss of the cultural center KuKuCK

1985 / 86 - Journeys to Tanzania, visits to the Bagamoyo Art College - at that time working as a vegetarian cook in Berlin

1987 - Die Anweisung - Art on billboards II, Berlin, under the Yorck bridges. Street art on billboards at Wunsiedel, (activities protesting against acid rain and poluting of the environment). Contributions towards "Berlin, Berlin", Tapes A+P, Copy Art at Martin Gropius Bau

1985 - 90  Orientation and being self-employed 1989 - first activities in educative art projects. PLATZMOBIL membership
Member of SubOpus 36, activities to re open the SO36 dance and music hall
First contact with MUTOID WASTE volunteer in scrap-sculpturing at Görlitzer Bahnhof, Berlin

1988 / 89 - Graphic and photographic works for German Aids Foundation (DAH), Berlin - Individual exhibitions at the INTERGLOTZ gallery Berlin with POLAROID UFOS , and INTERTIME with paintings and photographic works
1987 - Die Anweisung - Art on billboards II, Berlin, under the Yorck bridges
Exhibition Berlin, Tapes A+P, Copy Art at Martin Gropius Bau