"The time you invest in something defines your love for it ..."

Rainer Warzecha & Interglotz Artnetwork - Sculpture

Working with wood, mosaic and earth - it comes to SCULPTURE, ... naturally, literally! It has always been my joy to create shapes and give form to objects - already in the ninetees. The love of touch, the capacity to "use" things brings forward a general thought of the playful, handsome, native and naive. Children have a very direct attitude here - they love to not merely "look" at things - they like to climb, to make the object part of the game.

Mainly our works have been made from earth in the beginning of activities. In the years I developed abilities to construct in a variety of possible forms and materials: Wood and mosaic (on concrete). Some larger works resulted: Huge oven decorations at Berlin's Alpha II ecostation, and the big elephant sculptures in Berlin's Britzer Garden are outstanding. Many more have been done, specially in mosaic techniques.

With the years, building framework for our huts, I got deepeer into woodcarving. Totems and reliefs of different kind, carving was an additional technique - that made worthy, and lasting elements on buildings. In the clay-labyrinth and Makunaima space you may find about 30 sculptures, made from wood - from different authors.

  • Flying Fish - under construction Flying Fish - under construction
  • Flying Fish - under construction Flying Fish - under construction
  • Flying Fish - set up on playground in Britzer Garden Flying Fish - set up on playground in Britzer Garden
  • The Bear - made of Clay, at Makunaima The Bear - made of Clay, at Makunaima
  • Tiny  Djenne in progress Tiny Djenne in progress
  • Tiny Djenne at Makunaima Tiny Djenne at Makunaima
  • Eagle-Oven with bench Eagle-Oven with bench
  • Children with Dragon, Magstadt Children with Dragon, Magstadt
  • Totem Carving, Magstadt Totem Carving, Magstadt
  • Totem Carving, Magstadt 2011 Totem Carving, Magstadt 2011
  • Earthen Sculpture I Earthen Sculpture I
  • Wooden Sculpture II Wooden Sculpture II
  • Wooden Sculpture III Wooden Sculpture III
  • Mosaic-Elefant und construction Mosaic-Elefant und construction
  • Mosaic-Elefants Tembo and Toto Mosaic-Elefants Tembo and Toto
  • Rutschenturm & Elefants at Makunaima Rutschenturm & Elefants at Makunaima
  • Oven-Building Workshop, Luxemburg Oven-Building Workshop, Luxemburg

Workshops and Opportunities ...

Our annual earth-construction-workshop Makunaima, open to anyone - lasts six weeks during summer school holidays and has continued since 1990. Here you can take part in a very "free" and without costs or obligation. The sculpting of earthen elements is part of the game. If you tend to a more intense and specified form - there are workshops - mostly on the "woodcarving" topic.... Check dates!

Interglotz Art and eARThworks - International

Over the years we got to travel! Buildings on site, community projecs and international conferences, a lot of partners - mostly on playground- or earthbuilding issues gave a call! If you need a speaker, me as an artist to lead a workshop, or us as a team on location, ... let us know - we are still ready to rock!

kanmgoroo towers minisculpture
Sculpting with Earth - the artificial work with earth is a credo - involving children is a must! Theory? Read more Earthen elements - when structures are built, they get decoration - a magic touch. Joyful beautifying. Tiny sculptures made of clay - any child can touch the ground and build its ART.
Welcome to practise at Makunaima!

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