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Welcome! The clayvillage 'Makunaima' and our annual workshop represents the works in Britzer Garden. This unique playground and the annual project season reflects, what we have achieved in a building process over more then a decade - be the biggest leisure area in Europe, built with earth and clay.

Building and playing with earth and natural building materials ... 6 weeks open workshop for children and adults in Berlins most beautiful park Britzer Garden.
Playful artwork with different techniques and materials in the special environment of the Lehmdorf and the local sculptures, objects and game situations. We focus on natural building, material set natural sources. Parttaking of children welcome all 6 weeks! Work equipment like colors, woods an, panels are largely prepared.

If you want to meet us in Berlin or take part in Makunaima - please see informations on the actual season here ...

Makunaima - the actual workshop - lasts from 20st of July until 27.8.2017 , Tue-Fr 10-17 hours, Weekends 13-18 hours. Evolution - Building of benches - from wood and a mosaic- dragon - the theme of this year.

Please watch out for actual dates of work , as well as updates and links in the future... please hit some buttons! Pictures below give a reference on what we are doing during a Makunaima- season: Building with clay - open workshop for all ages, but linked to Berlin's holidays-season - so we offer an open playground situation, in which the children can interact in artistic processes and build with clay.

The Earth and the Colour and the Sound...

Our annual earth-construction-workshop Makunaima, open to anyone - lasts six weeks during summer school holidays and has continued since 1990(!). See Makunaima at Britzer Garden in Berlin!

On weekends we pause on the larger constructions, and go into music, masks and dotpainting. Then the open stage for drummers, singer-songwriters, and "ethno" musicians is a chance to show up! Take your chance ... we will love you.
Music is where we are - see and listen, what we do!

Interglotz Art and eARThworks - International

Over the years we got to travel! Buildings on site, community projecs and international conferences, a lot of partners - mostly on playground- or earthbuilding issues gave a call! If you need a speaker or US as a team on location, let us know ... we are still ready to rock!
And there are workshops, besides Makunaima. Get the news!

kanmgoroo minisculpture
Sculpting with Earth - the artificial work with earth is a credo - involving children is a must! Theory? Read more On weekends we offer music on open stage and painting - some special days we paint faces, like masks of Omo people .. Tiny sculptures made of clay - any child can touch the ground and build its ART.
Welcome to practise!

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