"A child can be a builder - earthbuilding is essential..."
Rainer Warzecha | Interglotz-Artnetwork

Rainer Warzecha & Interglotz Artnetwork - eARThbuilding & art building

I sculpt with earth and organize projects for children and adults in building up artistic, nature-based playgrounds. This work is mostly located in public spaces, in parks, schools or related to institutions working with children and education. Bigger building projects - as you can meet them all here - are mainly based on teamwork and network.

The continued work at Britzer Garden is our "main wheel" to drive. But we also travel, and build - in cooperation with GRÜN MACHT SCHULE, local institution or international partners.

How can you work with me / us?
• Let me know, if some bigger constructions or sculptures for any unique playground-situation is on your plan!
• Do you need assistance in planning?
• Detail or full frame solutions*?
• Do you need a speaker?
• Do you want to buy art?

* Our main buildings are: Huts, ovens, benches and Pavillons. Unique and artistic sculptures of course. We can work out plaster, murals - if painting is on your mind. All available. See more topics in the site, to widen your imagination of the possible.

Please watch out for actual dates of work , as well as updates and links in the future... please hit some buttons! Pictures below give a reference on what we are doing in summers ...

The Earth and the Colour and the Sound...

In self-built ensembles of village-like structures we interact with children of all ages, playing and building with earth and serving a magical kind of service toward cultural heritage. Our annual earth-construction-workshop Makunaima, open to anyone - lasts six weeks during summer school holidays and has continued since 1990. See Makunaima at Britzer Garden in Berlin!

With colour we did a lot. The number of murals and graffiti projects - realized up to 2015 - is large. See the murals topic ...
Music is where we are not only at home, also at work - see and listen, what we do!

Interglotz Art and eARThworks - International

Over the years we got to travel! Buildings on site, community projecs and international conferences, a lot of partners - mostly on playground- or earthbuilding issues gave a call! If you need a speaker or a team on location, let me know ... we are still ready to rock!
And there are workshops, besides Makunaima. Get the news!

kanmgoroo Buy some Art minisculpture
Sculpting with Earth - the artificial work with earth is a credo - involving children is a must! Theory? Read more Buying some Art may help you - surely it helps me survive. Joyful beautifying with a good impact! Tiny sculptures made of clay - any child can touch the ground and build its ART.
Welcome to practise!

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