"The time you invest in something defines your love for it ..."

Rainer Warzecha - Visual Arts

Beeing a 'visual artist', who has practiced a lot in painting and drawing quite early I made my way with "diversity": Design, murals and photographers topics and of course the (earth)building - that things made my life. In Berlin I run INTERGLOTZ- Gallery for a period of 7 years between 1991-98. In that time a lot of exhibitions and actions - murals and graffiti had been made. But as I had started into arts as a painter, I never gave up that way of self-expression.
In Baden Wurtemberg I found a place for my colorish adventures between 2011 - 2015. See slides below, what kind of works I did there in the last period ...

Exhibitions? - frequently I took part in KUNSTNACHT SELB, and "Kultnacht" in my hometown - showing canvases and playing music ...
But any invitation for exhibition is welcome now!

The Earth and the Colour and the Sound...

In self-built ensembles of village-like structures we interact with children of all ages, playing and building with earth and serving a magical kind of service toward cultural heritage. Our annual earth-construction-workshop Makunaima, open to anyone is a large atelier... you can touch earth, dip in color and get wooden ...

With colour we did a lot. The number of murals and graffiti projects - realized up to 2015 - is large. See the murals topic ...
Music is where we are not only at home, also at work - see and listen, what we do!

Interglotz Art and eARThworks - International

Over the years we got to travel! Buildings on site, community projecs and international conferences, a lot of partners - mostly on playground- or earthbuilding issues gave a call! If you need a speaker or US as a team on location, let us know ... we are still ready to rock!
And there are workshops, besides Makunaima. Get the news!

painting facesBuy some Art
Earthen colors - while we built, we need some magic protection- a colored touch on the skin lets fantasies fly high.

Canvases and tableaus - I sell them and I'm ready to work out murals in your space!

The clayvillage is not only a place of earthen constructions - its a place full of color, reliefs and sculptures ...

External Links & Downloads

• MoMa Berlin - KüKo Gallery - Künstlerhouse Bethanien

• Makunaima auf den Seiten der Grün Berlin
• Workshop Holzbildhauerei 2016