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Our Topic "Building with children" - made a wave! Finally releasing "Bauen und Spielen mit Lehm" as an edition for teachers, parents and natural-builders, to take "the earth in the hand" gave me opportunity to refer the theme in several playground and earthbuilding conferences all over Europe.
Success on that line drove our effort to "hand-made" film documentaries, specially while we've been involved in some larger buildings.

See our latest Makunaima-video, filmed in the clayvillage. Big thanks to  Nirgun-Films for engaging here.

  • Makunaima 2014 - Videodokumentation Makunaima 2014 - Videodokumentation
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Buy and help? Order this brochure ... and some postcards (2)

Here we have a booklet - More than 100 pictures of our building processes during past ten years. Earthen buildings and arts. Partly english text - but mainly written in German. Important linklist to related websites ... Anyway more pictures than text, so worth it, if you like to get into our designs and practise.


... we support Medicins without Borders with each booklet you order!

Postcards available - 3 Motives set 5 €

dvd labyrinth bau booklet
DVD - Makunaima - in German language and O-tone - with commentaries!
15 € in EU countries
Booklet /brochure "eARThworks" - full coloured covers our building sites.
15 € including shipping in EU countries
Mosaic- Elefants - more music and live recorded, no comments ... 30 min. video and slideshow - 15 € in EU countries

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Presentation on Youtube

• Makunaima on pages of Grün Berlin
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